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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  December 6, 2009 4:00am-5:00am EST

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now you know the news as "fox report" this saturday. >> geraldo: live and at large, hi, everybody. i'm geraldo rivera. you have seen him on the floor of the senate all day during today's rare saturday session. finance chair max bachus. but there was a huge distraction today. confirming an exposee by the main justice website. he recommended an office girlfriend for appointment to the important post as montana's u.s. attorney. the romantic relationship started as an office affair between married senator bachus and his married former state office director haines. both claim they were separated from their respective spouses at the time they began their
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affair. a claim that may or may not withstand scrutiny. republicans are pouncing on him, demanding an ethics committee investigation. the rnc saying today's report that the senator used his senate office to advance a taxpayer funded appointment for his staff member girlfriend raises a whole host of ethical questions. and if the ethics committee does take up the baucus case they he will join john enson is defending a personal stimulus program, getting jobs for office girlfriends. the ladies just keep coming out of the tiger woods woodwork and the comedians are loving it. >> a number of women have come forward claiming they have had relationships with tiger woods. he released a statement saying he is far from perfect. he made a billion dollars and
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plays golf all day and has sex with cocktail waitresses. does it get any more perfect than that? >> geraldo: the three reported paramours are 9/11 widow rachel uchitel who hired gloria allred and friday canceled a news conference. was there a payoff. here is gloria's daughter. >> i would estimate at least a million dollars. next on the tiger hit parade, 24-year-old jamie grubs. an l.a. native who claims a 31 month affair with the golf great. jamie is now best known for receiving tiger's desperate please change your voice mail message. >> hey, it's tiger. can you please take your name off your phone. >> sweet jamie also released one of tiger's purported text messages that reads "i will
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wear you out." when was the last time you got bleeped and then there is a 27-year-old las vegas club promoter who says customer service is the most important element of her work. >> one of the women who claims she leapt with tiger woods says he never talked about golf during sex. however, he did keep his head down and his left arm straight. >> geraldo: several celebrity websites of naming an alleged fourth tiger woods mistress. 26-year-old las vegas model jamie younger. also worked as a vip cocktail waitress and also claims a long-term affair with woods and also already hired an attorney. and just before air time we got word of a fifth woman. 34-year-old minda loudon. a waitress in the orlando area. she or sources close to her claimed to have had a 14 month affair with the golf great.
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now, meet our terrific panel joining me to talk about everything from tiger's tran gregs to the impact on the sport. the editor at large for golfmagazine. he joins us. out in l.a., kareensteffens joins me and talks about the career of groupiness and dr. victoria, the aah tore aut. why does a guy who has a drop dead gorgeous wife, a billion dollars, a wonderful image, why does he risk everything, doctor? >> first of all, he has everything, all the elements to cheat. he has high testosterone level as many athletes do. resources and access to them and all these beautiful women throwing themselves at him.
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temptation, access, and narcissism that comes with being popular. >> geraldo: and we named five. how many do you project are out there? >> pga insiders say the number could go as high as eight in terms of girlfriends of tiger woods. this is rumored but so far many of the rumors are seeming to come true. >> geraldo: when you are saying eight girlfriends are you excluding one night stands? >> exactly. any potential one night stands and there are rumors about that as well. you could have numbers going higher than eight. >> geraldo: are you trembling now than in the sense when tiger woods started in the mid '90s, the total payout to the pros was -- it is almost now 3 million. if he is tarnished does it affect the entire industry?
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>> golfmagazine isn't worried about tiger woods scandal so much as the possibility that tiger would say goodbye, i can't take all of this media scrutiny and then leave the game. then you would see viewership decrease and golf become less popular. however, he is so competitive, i think he will look at the golf course as a place where he can escape the scrutiny. >> geraldo: dr. z says men always cheat. what about the women involved? i mean is there no honor there? it doesn't seem as if any of these ladies had any compunction about being with a married guy with a couple of babies. >> there is no honor there but we are not talking about the most honorable situation either. a tryst.ttrist and you can't >> geraldo: who are you more annoyed with?
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>> i'm more annoyed with the girls. whatever he did is a personal matter and whatever him and huswifes did afterwards, whether they went on a jet and went away, it's fine. now, you have three, maybe four girls seeking attention and going out to clubs, calling tmz to meet them, hiring gloria allred and tiger is laying low and keeping this a personal matter. >> geraldo: why do you blame a girl who is going to be with a guy who is going to shed attention and money all over here? isn't that the dream of a vip cocktail waitress? >> it is. that is the dream of a vip cocktail waitress. i'm not blaming the girls for what they did for the affairs. at this point i feel, though, the right thing to do would be to let tiger deal with it and for them not to seek their five to fifteen seconds or minutes of fame off of someone else's pain. >> geraldo: you know, you a situation here where going forward what happens to golf
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now? what -- is it going to go back to being an old man's sport? >> as lock as tiger woods is playing golf professional it will never be boring and just an old man's sport. what i'm curious to find out this year, geraldo, is will tiger let the off course distractions affect his game. he is the greatest athletic i have seen. >> geraldo: forget about the off course distractions. what about the rheumer that you are reporting that his wife broke his tooth? >> there is a rumor going around that elin took a wedge to tiger's face. >> geraldo: why a wedge, why not a driver? >> maybe it was the closest club she had handy. the rumor was that he lost a tooth or had a tooth loosened. he was driving erratically perhaps because he was stunned by having been hit in the face. >> geraldo: that would be stunning. you don't feel sorry for him,
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though? >> i don't feel sorry for tiger. he knew what he was getting himself into. i'm surprised he took the chances he did, knowing who he is. he is tiger woods. perhaps there was some arrogance. part of tiger's mystique is that there is a little bit of arrogance. you have to be a little arrogant to think you are the best golfer in the world. if you are arrogant when tmz and us weekly are going through your trash you will get caught. >> geraldo: after the break we will be joined by another investigative reporter who is about to tear the facade of straight lace from the apparently secretly sexy world of golf and then craig probes of golf and then craig probes the background of the upbeat rk ♪ singer:wanted to get myself a new cell phone ♪ ♪ so i could hear myself as a ringtone ♪ ♪ who knew the store would go and check my credit score ♪ ♪ now all they let me have is this dinosaur ♪ ♪ hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪ ♪ i know i know i know i shoulda gone to ♪
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>> pes. >> was he conscience, unconscious? >> at that point he was snoring. >> he is tired. he does everything in bed but sleep. >> geraldo: welcome become live, everybody. and you thought all they did was play 18 holes followed by a beer in the clubhouse. meet the senior reporter for the daily beast website which just completed an investigation of sex and celebrity golf. i remember when the lpga the woman's tour was exposed as weeing a sexual hotbed of all kinds of sexual liaisons between the ladies in the locker room and the rest of it. are you going to reveal or are you now revealing that golfers are all chauvinist bigs. >> i don't think that. but golfing far from being this
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sort chaste thing for scares, tiger was called urkel in college and he was quite the player and he was not the only one and you had systems set up by which women could meet the golfers that they liked. >> geraldo: describe the system. give us some system. >> there was a group of women that were jokingly called the pga, you know, you obviously get that joke. >> the party groupie association is what they were called and the caddies throughout golf sort of served as then ablers. >> geraldo: really? >> yeah. >> geraldo: here is the guy instead of just pulling out the five iran is saying meet at the bar at 19th hole. >> and worked as a middleman and provided. >> geraldo: are you alleging this is widespread that caddies really are pimps to golf oars? >> i don't think we are allege that all of them are pimps to golfers. >> geraldo: but alleging a widespread phenomenon that goes
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well beyond tiger woods? >> i would say that we are. >> geraldo: don't you expect that that will be a bomb shell? >> we reported it yesterday and it has certainly been one of the more popular things on our site. >> geraldo: people are checking it out. >> yes, people are checking it out. >> geraldo: do you know about groupies and golf? >> i don't. i don't -- this is all news to me. and i feel better informed now having heard it. >> geraldo: well, hey, jump on any time. >> i don't know what to -- i don't know what to do with that kind of information but i have to tell you, geraldo, this is so asinine to me. i don't understand why this is such a giant deal because we know what happens and elin, god bless her, she knew what was going on. it is not as if she married this man because he wasn't a millionaire. if he was bagging her groceries she wouldn't have been married to him. you walk into a situation and you know what the stakes are
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here and you just kind of deal with it at this point. it is not that big of a deal to me. i don't understand, you know. >> geraldo: doctor, you have many people outraged if at all by apparelly according to the ronology here cheated during the time his wife was pregnant. don't cheaters cheat when they can and isn't the wife's pregnancy an opportunity because that immobilizes the chief detective of your morality? >> it is very frequent. i see it all the time in clinical cases where men often act out when their spouses are pregnant. they don't know how to handle it. there is the pressure, maybe the intimate life is not as good as it used to be so it is extremely common as a factor. and, of course, tiger travels a lot, this is the opportunity there. and all the variables are convenient. >> geraldo: i just want to go back to golfmagazine.
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i remember the joke when o.j. simpson was acquitted and still being offered all of the golf games that all golfers hate their wives and that is why o.j. remained popular on links. it was a tongue in cheek kind of a broad humor there. is there something to the fact that men run to golf to get away from, you know, home. >> i think that is a myth. i think when we look at tiger we have to remember that he is someone -- he is just a guy who got his hand caught in the nookie jar. he is getting reamed right now in the media and it is very ugly. >> geraldo: do you think he is being reamed and that is the tone of t generally? i have been away. >> i think the reaming is justifiable. he is tiger woods, he is a very public figure. >> geraldo: is there a hypocrisy factor, the squeaky clean image.
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>> tiger made about $100 million last year. 90% came from sponsors. his job in part is to project an image of clean cut family man. that is good business. and we have seen that business is not going to be good. >> geraldo: we'll see what the endorsements do. thank you all. up next, did the italian court play fair with amanda knox? or did prosecutors go too far using a video game style animation. look at the right-hand side of the screen. it has amanda slitting meredith's throat in a cartoon they showed the jury. did they stack the deck agains$
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>> i really feel this was a case that was trying foxxy
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knoxy which was the persona created in the whole media frenzy case about it crazy chick that partied and it all these things that amanda knox that i know never did. like this is not who she is. >> geraldo: as you heard, ayman damanda knox has been convicted of all counts by the italian court in the brutal murder of her british roommate meredith kercher but international legal observers are questioning the fairness of one prosecution tactic that someone believe including me prejudiced the jury against amanda. unable to describe either a mow motive or a clear picture of how mare death was murdered they put together a cheesy style animation. picture that running as a cartoon that shows amanda as you can see slitting meredith's
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throat. amanda had no history of violence and no witness said this is the way the murder ever happened. joining me on the phone, the knox family attorney ann bremner and here with me in the studio is judge janine pirro. may i assume that the family is devastated. are they going to go home or try to keep any connection with amanda in italy. she will be there for a quarter of a century? >> thank you so much for having me and the family is heartened to have you look at the case and you are somebody that is so important to them. this is an outrageous verdict and won based on no evidence. and even with a video showing some cartoon depiction of what happened which wasn't anything
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having to do with the facts or there was no forensic evidence, no motive, no evidence to support any conviction against amanda knox, this day yesterday was a horrible day and today is even worse as it really sinks in for everybody here in seattle and especially for the family. >> geraldo: poor family. regardless of her guilt or innocence, i feel for her family which stood loyally by her side. judge, first of all, you can express why you disagree with my take on it. but let me ask you very specifically do you believe that that cartoon would have been admissible in an american murder trial? >> oh, yes, it might have been. if you are trying to describe for the jury what might have happened, how it happened, how it proceeded, how many people are involved you can clearly bring in a diia gram. we have been doing it for years. >> that wasn't a di diagram tht was. >> they could have put an octopus in the picture, a flying sauce. but it has to.
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>> geraldo: when you juxtapose that animation with the gory scenes of meredith's throat slit and the knife and all the rest of it, the six lay people on the jury who by the way, don't have to be enan must, they -- unanimous, they draw their mind's picture. >> let's talk about the evidence it is a appeared. >> ann says no forensic evidence. >> and i understand that. she has been hired by the family and i don't have a problem with that. you have the boyfriend's dna on the victim's bra. his footprints in her bedroom that was knocked. a knife with the victim's dna on the stip tip, amanda knox'sa on the handle. the victim was never in that apartment. she is sweet looking but your introduction here is part of the problem. is it because she is white and sweet looking that she doesn't
4:26 am
fit our description of what a murderer could be? >> geraldo: it is because she has no motive. what is her motive to cut the head off her roommate? >> geraldo, what is her motive for doing hand stands the day after. >> geraldo: sex games never involved cutting people's heads off. >> i don't know of any one whose roommate is dead who is doing hand stands at a police department and who is making believe that this wouldn't have happened if i were present at the murder. we support here but at the end of the day there is a victim who is dead. >> geraldo: it doesn't trouble you that there is no motive but this foxy knoxy, this sex -- this is not a motive. this is a prejudice. >> they don't have to show motive nor do we in the united states have to show motive. why do people murder? >> geraldo: as reflect on this woman facing 26 years behind bars can't we ask why would she do something this brutal?
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>> they say it is a sexual orgy and understand that the third person has been convict. >> there were sex fueled orgies on the. >> but the dna was not on the victim's bar. >> the roommate's dna is on every utensil. >> she will appeal and the appeal will not be granted but they will cut her sentence and i believe they will commit -- >> they will retry her, i agree. than the democrats want. on the
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i'm lauren sivan. we now head back to "geraldo at large" here on fox. >> did you go any further than was -- >> the entire file. >> it was just this? >> it was a file this thick. >> it d. it tell you the violations he had in prison, the assault? >> river bit of his record. >> the firearm possession. the fact that he tried to slip a piece of metal into court? >> i looked at the file every bit of it and here was a case where a guy had been given 108 years. if you think that a 108 years sentence is an appropriate sentence for a 16-year-old for the crimes he committed then you should run for governor of arkansas. >> geraldo: although cnn took a cheap shot at former arkansas governor mike huckabee there is no doubt that there is real rage that maurice clemons a man with five felony convictions in mike's home state and eight felony charges in washington state including child rape
4:32 am
should have been on the loose to assassinate the four cops a week ago. governorspeak to the about the controversial commutation of the sentence, doug kennedy probes the case. here is doug. >> we awoke sunday morning to a nightmare. >> nightmare for the families of four officers killed, cut down execution style at this seattle area coffee shop. >> this is a horrendous crime. >> and then just days later the alleged cop killer is killed himself by a brother officer investigating a stolen car. >> everything indicates right now that this is the person that we have been looking for. >> cops knew almost needly the person they were looking for was maurice clemmons. an arkansas convict who had recent runins with police.
4:33 am
>> pending charges of rape of a child in the second-degree. out on $150,000 bail. >> and since may, friends and relatives say he had been acting crazy, even showing up at this church, claiming to be god. >> on sunday night, clemmons aunt and uncle called cops to say their nephew was heading to their neighborhood in seattle and was refusing to give up their gun. >> we are aware that he knows that we are looking for him and he is also armed and everybody else should be aware of that. >> but that didn't stop other relatives from trying to help him escape. at least six people have now been arrested including clemmons friend who allegedly drove him to the coffee shop and then drove him away. >> i know that we are trying to bring him to justice but no amount of justice is going be enough in this world. thetheyville to serve their justice in the next and it is
4:34 am
still not going to bring back our heros. >> geraldo: doug joins me live along with governor mike huckabee. before we get to the governor, doug, any reason these people in the face of h heinous crime, the quadruple homicide and by then everyone knew what he was wanted for. would help this guy. >> many of them are his family. >> but still he killed four people. it is not like you had a dui. >> you know horse can say what -- i don't know what their relationship was with him. i don't know how close they were. you know, who can say. but i do know that the seattle police say that any one and everyone who aided and abetted him in escaping is going to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> geraldo: i didn't know that about him going totally nuts and thinking he was god prior to the quadruple homicide and the fact that he was armed. how generally known was that?
4:35 am
did they call 911 about that? >> did the family call 911 about -- he has been arrested eight times in washington state. >> geraldo: and who did he rape allegedly? >> i do not know the answer to that. i don't think they are releasing because it is a minor. >> geraldo: okay. now, to our dear friend governor mike huckabee who has been attacked in a way that has been extremely unfair for the commutation of clemmons original sentence back in arkansas. you know how we feel about you, governor. would you do that again? would you commute under the same circumstances with the record now that you could reflect on what the record contained not what he did subsequent because no one knows the future? >> let me make the case because mike huckabee has been mistreated here. at the time that clemmons committed the crime in arkansas he was 16 years old. he got 108 years. he wasn't holding a gun, he was
4:36 am
just -- it was an armed robbery but he didn't even have the gun and he got 108 years after ten years he reduces it to 46. this a -- this has nothing to do with this case. >> well, i mean the fact is, geraldo, you asked would i do it again. if i knew he going t was goingl four cops certainly i wouldn't have done that. if i had the same record in front of me tonight when that i had. i would make exactly the same decision because his sentence was disparate with anything else that i could find in arkansas for a juvenile. he didn't go through the juvenile system. he went directly to the adult system even though he was in fact juvenile. juvenile. >> what if he was a white kid.
4:37 am
>> he would have probably gotten probation and gone through 20 hours of community service. >> a white kid, upper middle class, found with an ounce of marijuana he will go to drug court and get a suspension and probation. black kid, he will go to the slammer. >> geraldo: now, you have the groving families in washington state and i know you expressed your profound condolences. >> that is where the focus out to be. it makes me angry when people say what is this going to do to your political future? who is the neck cares? what we who the heck cares. what we should care about is that the family will never have the relationship of fair family member who was the officer that was gunned down in cold blood. when i first heard of the shootings id no idea that there was a connection that i had to the case and it wasn't until the news media reported and seemed like the major thing was mike huckabee commuted the
4:38 am
sentence. a year after he made patrol. i didn't recommend it. the parole board did. it came to me and i made a decision to grant it. there is a 0 day window. i gave that information to the victims, to the prosecutor, law enforcement, all of them had it by certified mail. none responded except judge marion humphrey who o stronged supported the commutation. after there was no other response i granted it. that did not let him out. it reduced the sentence to 47 years and then he had to move toward the criteria for parole and he did. and he was let out. a year later he was picked up for drug issues, put back in prison. he would have still been in prison until the year 2015 but the prosecutor, the one who has been so vocal about how he knew this was going to happen, he failed to file the charges of parole violation and that is when clemmons got out and went to washington state where he was born. >> geraldo: you are so far back
4:39 am
in, i corn thin don't think ths is any causal connection between what you did and what clemmons did. but don't you worry about your political future? fair to be worried but unfair the reason. >> i'm not thinking about it. i don't know what i might do politically. but i know this, that i still have a choice to make. those four cops don't have a choice. they don't get to make any decision about their future and their families don't. it disturbed me the focus has been on the political implications. i think somebody ought to start saying if you are talking about the political implications don't you think it is a little premature to worry about all that. good to see you, thank you, geraldo and thank you, doug. >> geraldo: the layest on the high times and adventures of the sahahis.
4:40 am
as the bigger picture emerges it is clear that whether or not they did anything illegal last night the two artful dodgers whose personal story are filled with lawsuits and reality tv shows and alleged fraud involving everything from their own wedding to the washington redskins tv squad to the polo team, here is craig. >> this is the moment you have been waiting for. >> mr. and mrs. salah. >> they didn't start the deception at the white house. they are involved in a number of charity. one called the polo cup that involved the polo association where they promised numerous celebrities including royalty would show up. rate tee robbinkatie robbins wh that. what was your experience? >> they indicated that queen elizabeth would be attending and possibly george clooney and they confirmed richard gear and bill and hillary clinton. >> were any of these
4:41 am
celebrities involved. >> none of them were at the event. >> according to robbins, the salahi's event never lived up to its billing which drew sponsors like land rover, cartier and many other companies still posted on their website. >> it wasn't true. none of it was true. none of the people who were scheduled to appear made an appearance. >> we are looking forward to raising a lot of money for the charity for the cure. they want to raise money for ms and leukemi leukemia. >> tariq said the 2007 event raised a quarter of a million dollars but journey for the cure foundation reported in tax filings it received just $18,000 and donated even less. >> and in 2007 only $5,000 went to ms society and $5,000 went to the leukemia and lymphoma society. a low amount considering the price of the tickets and amount
4:42 am
of sponsorship that was received for the event. >> reportedly, food vendors, tent rental companies and advertisers were never paid adding to a growing lis list of people in litigation with the sahilis. >> i have only had two people not pay me and they were one of them. >> kate robbins says her ordeal with the sahihis have been a real hardship and still owed about 100 grand. >> you worked for seven months without ever being blade they paid me partial commissions but the majority of the monitoring any they owed me, they did not pay me. >> they deceived you and many people just with their bold lies? >> yeah, it is very deceptive but it has also hurt a lot of people and been bad for polo. so, it is very distressing that they have been allowed to
4:43 am
continue doing what they are doing without any sort of consequences it seems until now. >> they seem like drifters, greg, they really do. the guy was getting his audi repossessed. >> according to the tow truck operator he told his wife to run into the house and grab the gun which scared the tow truck operator away. >> he threatened the repo-man. >> he missed i guess about five payments on his audi and the guy comes and hooks up the car and he puts it even the flat bed and he comes out what is going on here and well, i'm taking your car away,. >> he yells out go get the gun. >> he yells out go get the gun. >> geraldo: i don't t
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online, over the phone or in person at a branch. get a feel for their straightforward, objective approach. try out their tools, their research, their help. it's time to take advantage of new opportunities. it's time for td ameritrade. >> geraldo: back live. talking about the salihis. the white house crashers.
4:47 am
joining us, two ladies in the know. in chicago, the former assistant to president clinton. events just like this white house state dinner that they crashed and with me in new york the wonderful actress and activist morgan fairchild who has frequently attended vip events at the white house. >> i think you to make an example of them because you do not want this repeated especially in the culture where everybody wants the 15 minutes of fame. also because this is an entry road map for any terrorist organization in the world. the fact that this happened with a visiting prime minister of india practically on the anniversary of mumbai is really not a good example. it makes us look very weak in the eyes of the rest of the world. these people are not a joke. what they did should be made an example of. >> it is ambiguous that they
4:48 am
thought they were invited and didn't really have the intent to trespass. seems that at least from an attorney's point of view that you could argue that they did not have criminal intent to trespass. >> absolutely, geraldo. especially because they did go through the screen check point. they weren't carrying anything that would be of threat to the president or other guests. it is very ambiguous. you get a beautiful engraved invitation and then when you rsvp social security number and date of birth are taken. and every point of entry with the secret service. it is unusual you don't have to present an invitation because you are on the list and checked to it. there is ambiguities here. it is really quite messy.
4:49 am
>> geraldo: do you think the social secretary is to blame or the secret service? >> i think the secret service is more to blame but in reaction to what she was just saying. two things. number one, they went through the screening so they didn't is guns but this is why it is a bad example. you could have had smallpox in a lipstick case. there is things that could be done. >> you do have swine flu on your hands. >> but also as she was just saying that the e-mails make it ambiguous. the problem is these people also sneaked into the black caucus foundation a couple of weeks before. >> geraldo: the professional black caucus. >> they sneaked in before and they were escorted out because they didn't have an invitation and because parentally the husband had gone online and was trying to talk to someone who does it on tricks to sneak in into events. is pattern of abuse of the
4:50 am
procedure. >> geraldo: they are drifter, i'm not sure they are criminals, though. >> i think there is a shared blame between the secret service and the white house social office. the social office is responsible for that. once they got into even though nobody recognized them, the press brought to the afireworks of the white house staff why these folks aren't on the list they still didn't do any
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>> geraldo: there is a large and diverse group of protesters, 9/11 victims, family members, first responders and others holding a big rally in downtown new york today protesting the plan to bring the terrorists, the 9/11 terrorists here for a federal trial including khalid shaikh muhammad. aside from granting
4:54 am
constitutional rights to eni combatants, another big fear is that the defendants will use the federal trial to spout their hateful rhetoric. scot is representing one of the 9/11 terrorists and he says that his client intends to put the united states on trial. is that correct, scot? >> they will present a defense which is going to basically say that the september 11th attacks were justified. i understand how you can justify that as attack the united states but it is basically a legal defense. >> geraldo: will they plead guilty or not guilty? >> not guilty but explain that they did it. >> geraldo: how does a lawyer achieve acrobatic? >> as you are aware, there are
4:55 am
defensesustification de in criminal trials and they plan on presenting that defense. whether the judge will allow it remains to be seen. >> geraldo: you are saying that they will stand in the dock or even in their seat at the council table and say america is imperialist dogs or doing this or that? >> i think they have evidence that they intend to present. whether the judge allows it to happen remains to be seen. >> geraldo: i thought that they wanted to be martyred by the federal judicial system. isn't that what they have in mind? >> i think that they believe -- >> geraldo: that they are innocent? >> that they are legally not guilty. >> geraldo: the 3,000 murders are justify. >> i'm not sure that they were murdered. >> geraldo: and they expect the judge to allow the testimony introduced. >> if the judge disallows it i think that will cause additional problems. >> geraldo: you are a veteran. >> yes.
4:56 am
>> you know you are a patriot. how do you feel about it? >> i feel fine about it. i think that is what america is about. one of the things that distinguishes us from other countries is the fact that we have these rights. >> geraldo: but i'm the judge, i'm not going to let your client go off on the united states or to bring in some bizarre justification defense for killing, slaughtering 3,000 innocent people including children. >> it is not clear to them and not necessarily clear to me it as bizarre defense. it may not ultimately prevail but it is their defense. >> geraldo: it is not clear to you, scot? are you vouching for these clients? >> that is their defense and it is up to the jury to decide whether or not. >> geraldo: i think you correctly point to the first road block, the judge in admitting what i think is prepostorrous and extremely hurtful and almost entirely irrelevant. i killed 3,000 people because the united states -- anyway,
4:57 am
counselor, you are not the terrorists, i thank you, morgan, thank you,p
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